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EEE Moto, was founded in 2022,

as a subsidiary of VCR International,

to build B2B focused Electric Mobility Solutions in the UAE.


EEE's initial focus is to develop the necessary infrastructure and supply chain to accelerate the transition to electric motorcycles in the Last Mile Delivery sector in the UAE.


VCR International is a well-established manufacturing & distribution-focused company with operations across the greater Middle East region. With over 40 years of experience in distributing consumer goods in the region, VCR prides itself to be a preferred and trusted partner to many internationally renowned brands that require distribution and supply chain support in the Middle East.

Official Dealership

Blitz Motors is a leading developer, planner, producer, and marketer of electric scooters. The company's mission is to revolutionize urban mobility by providing eco-friendly, efficient, and high-performance electric scooters that empower individuals to reduce their carbon footprint and embrace a more sustainable lifestyle.

              We are delighted to have partnered with Blitz & Raphael to bring their motorcycles and holistic electric mobility solution to the UAE. We’re confident that the 3000x Electric Motorcycle Blitz has developed, with its unique battery swapping technology, will finally make it viable for the last mile sector in the UAE to start transitioning to electric deliveries. We are excited and eager to get started with Blitz and see how much of an impact we can make together in the UAE.

- Raushan Uttamchandani

Founder & CEO of EEE Moto 


Co-Managing Director of VCR International

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               We are thrilled to be entering the UAE market, a significant milestone that demonstrates the confidence in our business model, the quality of our motorcycles, batteries, and our unparalleled range of services and information in the electric scooter industry. We are excited to partner with Raushan and his team to bring e-mobility to the Peninsula.

- Raphael Moszynski

Founder & CEO of Blitz Motors

Approved for use in the UAE
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  • Motor Power: 3000 W

  • Engine Capacity: 125 cc

  • Top Speed: 90 km/h

  • Loading Capacity: 150kg

  • Range:
    80 to 100 km - operating on 2 batteries (inside the vehicle)
    Unlimited ! - operating on 4 batteries (while battery swapping)

Video Guides:

Test Drive

Benefits of switching to the Blitz 3000x Electric Motorcycle

Environmentally Friendly

Cost Effective

Decrease in Accidents

Increased Efficiency

Live Data & Tracking

Interested in taking your fleet electric?
Get in touch for more info and to test drive the Blitz 3000x. 

+971 55 199 0001

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